Change Your Mind and Change Your Life!

Joe Miday September 5, 2019

Change your mind, change your life! Easier said than done, right?

Early on in my life I lived for lifting weights and getting to the gym each day.  In my 20’s, I was consumed with the idea of gaining muscle and looking great to others.  As a person with below average self-esteem, I thought the more muscle I would gain, the happier I would become.  However, the more time I spent in the gym and bigger I became, the void I was trying to fill also grew exponentially.  How could this be?

For me, I was trying to change the person I was from the outside in.  As I matured in life and realized how the brain operates, the truth suddenly hit me.  To truly change and be happy, one must change from the inside out.    This can be done several different ways.  However, I focused on training my mind through physical discomfort. 

By training with this mentality, "change your mind and change your life", I soon realized physical discomfort equals personal growth.  Your brain is programmed to protect your body.  Once you push your body to the point of discomfort, your brain steps in and says its time to quit.  This is your opportunity to become better in several different ways.  If you can just get by this moment and push one step further each time, you will be better mentally, physically and your self-esteem will improve.  Once you train each day with this mentality, physical results will come faster.  Normalizing discomfort even if it is just for five minutes per day at the end of your training session will make you better when adversity comes in your life. 

I look back when I was younger and now believe lifting heavy with three to four minutes rest between sets was not difficult at all.  To be honest, that’s why I did it!  Today I might do 150 sets of dips in 150 minutes or find the biggest hill I can and just run it consecutively for two hours.  I don’t listen to music but think about how weak I am and where I want to be in my life someday.  Now I can actually say I have the happiness I was searching for when I was in my 20’s.

My challenge to you is just to add one training session a week that is designed to challenge your mind.  Challenges are everywhere and are easy to find…flip a tire a mile, push a sled 1000 yards, do your normal run with a vest on, run steps for 90 minutes straight and so on!  Just be ready, because when your mind tells you its time to stop, that is when it is time to begin!