How Much CBD Should I Take?

September 13, 2019

How much CBD should I take? This is a common question that almost every first time customer has.  If you are not sure how much CBD to take at first, do not worry. However, this question cannot always be answered very easily. Here at Fit Organics, we are here to assist you in trying to break it down. Many of us know that individuals take CBD for unique reasons. Some individuals have many more deficiencies than others and one standard serving size will not fit everyone’s needs. Also, weight, age and gender may also play important roles into how much a person might need. With a bit of testing and tweaking and consistent use, it can be determined what your correct dose is. Once this is found, then this amount will stay the same throughout your entire time using our products. It is important to understand there isn’t an “official” serving size but deciding how much to take based off your weight is a great start. We would suggest calculating 1-1.5mg for every 10lbs of body weight. So, if you were to weigh 150lbs, that would be an initial dose of 15mg-22.5mg to start out with. We also suggest taking your dose 30 minutes before bed and making sure if you are taking a tincture, it is absorbed under the tongue for 1 minute. If you wake up feeling rested and had a good night sleep after 3-4 days, then your dose should be close to correct and you should be fine to take it during the day. If you feel like you are restless and not sleeping great, then increasing the dose might be needed. Finally, if an individual wakes up feeling sluggish, then we would recommend lowering the dosage. Always consult your doctor with questions and make sure changes in your dosage are done in small amounts.